About The Maker

Hello there! Welcome to my online boutique of lovingly handcrafted goods with colorful themes, and a wink to modernity. Let me tell you a little about myself and what I do! These days, I live in Portland, Oregon but I originally hail from the cold and flat lands of Winnipeg, Canada. Can I pack a mean snowball? Yes, you do not want to go against me in a snowball fight. Do I have an accent, eh? Only on command, and after a glass or two of wine. 
I create with three principles in mind: Durability (it will endure), Usability (it should have purpose), and Beauty (it should be delightful). These were rules designed by Vitruvius in ancient times, but are still relevant today.

By applying these guidelines, my mission is to "color your day" by infusing playful hues in everyday life. Like...I genuinely want your yoga bag to make your day easier, but to also make you smile! Bring a pop of color to your desk with a minimalist Business Card Holder. Whatever you are drawn to, I hope that it helps make your life a bit easier, your breaths a bit deeper, and your smile a bit bigger.



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