3 Organizational Tips for Your Home!

How 3 handmade products can help you organize your space

It's been brought to my attention several times in my life, that I am on the hoarding spectrum. I'm not the kind where I save all of the newspapers I've ever read, but I do love to keep things. 

The first step in my 'hoarding rehab', was to realize that clutter is actually preventing me from doing my best work. Mentally, and physically! When my desk is cluttered with extra pens, paintbrushes, jars, plants, scraps of fabric, etc., I can't access the tools I need to make what I need to make. It's also mentally preventing me from focusing on the task at hand, and it creates a blockage in my mind. SO! What next? I started understanding more about minimalism. What I really need vs. what I think I need. So far, I'm very happy with the results!

We could go off on many tangents about minimalism, sentimental value, and we will in other blog posts. But for now, I think I'll share my experience with clean and clear organization, while balancing the two mindsets I mentioned earlier. 

1) Macrame Plant Hangers 

One thing that's probably clear to you by now, is that I love plants! They're bright, beautiful, they're all different, they clean our air, they provide balance in my home. So I need to keep these around me, but I really don't want all my precious counter and shelf space to be clogged. Therefore, why not use vertical space? It's no secret by now that the macrame craze has gone viral, and for good reason. It's not only aesthetically beautiful, nostalgic to the eclectic 1970's, bohemian, macrame can be very functional! Think about it, we can suspend our plants into aerial acrobats, using rope! They get more sunshine near windows, our pets can't get to them, and we can be creative in using several throughout the home to achieve cohesion. Plant hangers are definitely on the top of my organization list!


2) Makeup Kits

For me, I don't personally use a lot of makeup. I have a few staples that I use (sourced from small makers, of course!) and I have two sets of them; one for my bathroom, and one for my purse. How many times do we dream of waking up, getting ready for the day, and our bathroom feeling like our own little spa?! Ok, maybe it's just me, but that's like a daily occurance. 

I've noticed that it's so much easier  to feel at peace when I start my day, when the spaces that I'm utilizing are clean and tidy. Makeup kits are essential! Instead of using your bathroom shelves and counters for all the different cannisters, tubes, brushes, and things you have, pick out the few that you actually use on a daily basis, and keep them in a little skincare bag in the bathroom. Find one that suits your style, that will make you smile everyday, and that works with the aesthetic of your space!


3) The front hallway

Entering your home is a special experience. You arrive back to the place where you feel good, happy, comfortable, and safe. For me, if my front hallway is messy or cluttered, I immediately feel stressed when I come home. So I always try to make it a priority to have some rules:

-Each member of the family only has one jacket on the hook, pertinent to the season. I would always have like 3 (I'm obessed with jackets), but really, I only use one. The others can stay in the closet for special occasions, or can be donated if they aren't being used enough.

-Each member of the family only has 2-3 pairs of shoes out, pertinent to the season. We have a dog, and I need a pair of shoes that can get muddy and dirty. I also need a pair of shoes for work, and then a pair of shoes for everyday cute outfits. Between these three, I'm set! 

-Keys/headphones/extra dog treats and baggies/loose change goes in a front hall bowl! I love switching the bowl up once a year, and becoming excited about small design changes. Currently, I'm using my rope bowl! 


These are just a few ways in which 3 handcrafted items can help you solve problems in your life, excite you about the changes, and make you smile. Remember, it's all about the little things!



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